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Kevin Kelton is a veteran writer and producer of TV series and interactive e-learning with writing experience in corporate and entertainment environments. 


Kelton began his television career as a staff writer for Saturday Night Live, where he wrote for two seasons during the Eddie Murphy-Billy Crystal-Martin Short years, then served as writer-producer for Night Court, Boy Meets World and A Different World before advancing to Co-Executive Producer for Universal Studios.  He has credits on 22 TV series and over 400 episodes, including specials for Steve Martin and Jay Leno.  He has also written articles and screenplays for National Lampoon

Currently, Kelton focuses his time on teaching and mentoring writers.  He teaches TV comedy writing courses with the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, speaks at seminars, and offers one-on-one coaching to writers who prefer to study privately and get his expert feedback on their scripts.  See the Script Consulting page for more details.


In his spare time, Kelton writes novels and hosts The More Perfect Union podcast.  He lives just outside of Austin, Texas with his partner, Jessica.  You can learn more about her dance career at Ballet above.


And by the way, if you didn't guess it, Mr. Kelton wrote this third-person bio.


Here are some photos through the years.

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