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Pas De Deux follows the parallel lives of MacKenzie Palumbo, an international ballet dancer, and Dean Bennett, a television comedy writer, through their upbringings, big breaks, professional careers, marriages, divorces, and eventual ‘meet cute’ in their forties. As MacKenzie advances from ballet student to junior dance competitions to professional ballerina, the story explores her feelings, fears, excitement, and adventures through her journey from small town Ohio to gracing the great stages of Europe. At the same time, Dean, a runt twin from Toronto, breaks into the television industry and rises to write for a hit series and romance its sexy star. But as their individual careers peak, their personal lives crater, leading them to a midlife 'second act' and to each other. 

A sensual tale of midlife romance and foreign intrigue from the Emmy-nominated author of Super Vows.

Pas de Deux by Kevin Kelton. Buy it HERE.

Here is a promotional trailer for the book:

Pas de Deux by Kevin Kelton
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