Ian Braydon, Derek Chase & Myra Dreyer are the Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Minnie Driver of their Hollywood era. But in a dystopian future where non-divorceable "Super Vow" weddings are making matrimony truly 'til death do us part, the national scandal of their torrid sex triangle threatens their careers and their sanity. Seen through the eyes of the burnout tabloid reporter who covers them, Derek and Myra get caught up in religious and political cross-currents that could make their choppy marriage a life sentence…or maybe worse. When Hollywood tabloids and greedy talent agents converge to design a publicity stunt “covenant marriage” that cannot be dissolved, their lurid journey ransacks the broken love lives of regular people caught in their wake.


Part dystopian thriller, part social satire, this darkly comedic novel pulls no punches about the sex, sadism, religious dogma, and human pettiness that drive its characters to their ultimate fates.


"Kelton, whose writing credits include Saturday Night Live, National Lampoon, Night Court and Boy Meets World, creates a dystopian future peppered with quirky characters and social misfits who bang into each other like bumper cars to the story's shocking conclusion."

Super Vows by Kevin Kelton. Buy it HERE.

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