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What happens when good women tries to forge the perfect relationship with imperfect men? 

In this senual trilogy of romance stories, three women in three different decades of life meet the men of their dreams until things go astray.

In Book 1, 22-year-old Malone Meredith is a competitive figure skater until an injury ends her skating career and an unexpected surprise ends her new marriage. Divorced and out of work, she embarks on a series of odd jobs and even odder sexual liaisons that lead her down a dark path.

In Book 2, rental car agent Charlsie Bowman (34) is engaged but wants something more out of life. That more ends up being a stunningly handsome customer who turns her once-boring life upside down.

In Book 3, Elle Dennis (46) is happily married to her second husband until a sudden health crisis throws their love life into chaos.

Things We Shouldn't Do takes readers on three journeys of self-discovery and self-redemption. Each story is a morality play for our time, opening the Pandora's Box of taboo behaviors and socially questionable conduct that people do, whether they should or not.

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